A Laser Focus on Laser Tech

Posted by Patterncut on 6/15/2014 to Tips & DIY
Do you realize that lasers have been around for more than 50 years?

We talk often, and read often, about technology and all of its advancements over the last 30 or so years, but one of the great innovations of technology - the laser, an intensely focused beam of light -  has transformed so many fields of research and industry. 

The laser first had practical application just a year after its invention. Leon Goldman used a laser to treat a human skin disease, and the advent of lasers in medicine was born. The use of lasers quickly expanded to use in retinal procedures for the eye, and expanded beyond into various other specialties including dermatology, surgery, urology, oncology and others.  

In the years since, as laser precision began to be emphasized along with the power of light, lasers have been developed in many other areas, such as manufacturing, the military, space travel and even in law enforcement. For those who expect or demand not just accuracy, but precision, a laser has been found to be an extremely valuable tool in many areas of American and world society, business, government and industry.

We, of course, would be nowhere without lasers. But we like to think, in our own way, not only do we help express the power and precision of lasers, but also the beauty of them as well.

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