Advancements in Crown Molding

Posted by Patterncut on 4/20/2014 to Flex & Crown Moldings

In the world of trim, crown molding is both literally and figuratively at the top. Beaming high over casings, chair rails, and baseboards, it cuts an impressive profile with elegant curves and distinguished angles. It also elevates a room's stature, drawing the eye up to the ceiling and resonating design motifs seen in other moldings to create a cohesive and polished look for the space.


From Stone to Polyurethane

The use of Crown molding dates back as far as the ancient Greeks, who at that time, created profiles, designs and rules of proportion that we still use today, around 2,500 years later.  While they used heavy stone, 18th century artisans transformed the material used for crown molding materials into more malleable and lighter weight plaster and wood.  Today, these materials are still popular choices for traditionalists, however today’s homeowners have more choices for molding materials like those made from foam and even flexible polyurethane, which are much more easily installed than the stone pieces the Greeks used.  And it’s not necessary to use a chisel, a trowel or even nails.


Supreme Savings

Flex Molding and Flex Crown Molding become the ideal companions to real wood molding, because they look identical to wood and make the trim on curved walls and round windows easy to install at a fraction of the cost of curved wood moldings. Even custom, made-to-order Flex Molding will save you around half the cost of machine or hand-shaped curved wood molding.  



Flex Crown Molding comes in traditional shapes that will bend to an exact fit, making it easy to install both inside and outside true radius wall curvatures. Flex Trim handrails are available in a variety of different lengths that will flex to fit most curved staircase or railing applications. Obviously, when Flex Molding is used as a decorative railing cap it must be supported by a rigid structural railing system.

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