Change Up Your Style with Laser Cut Vent Grilles

Posted by Pattern Cut on 5/9/2018 to Laser Cut Wood & Custom Vent Grilles

Ready to give your space a makeover? If you are the kind of person who loves to try out new looks, new home décor and new styles all the time, your wallet is probably less than impressed at your latest passion. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still try it out. In fact, it’s easy and affordable to change up your style when you focus on the right details – like our custom wood vent grilles.

How Details Like Vent Grilles Shape the Style of Your Room

Think about the outfits in your closet. If you were to break them down to their core parts, you’d probably see that they are similar, with different details. While you wear jeans and a top all the time, some of your jeans are cut one way for a more bohemian look, while some of your shirts are cut another way for a more polished appearance. While the overall item is the same, the details are what make the style different. In your space, you may not be able to change the overall items like the furnishings or the wall color – but you can easily change up some of the details like the decorative knick knacks, the linens, and the wood vent grilles.

But Why Vent Grilles?

First, changing vent grilles is very easy. You simply unscrew them from the wall or pop them out, and put in a new one! Anyone with a screwdriver can do it. Second, because of the way these grille covers look built-in to the wall, changing them up has a much greater impact on the room’s style. You can take a room that looks very traditional with heavy furniture and dark colors, to something that looks more magical, just by going from something more masculine like Pattern O, to something more romantic like Pattern R. Suddenly the details say that this dark and heavy room is hiding a few whimsical secrets, rather than being very traditional.

Other Great Ways to Transform Your Style with Vent Grilles

Want to go from classic suburban house to an urban-inspired space with trendy shapes? Try Pattern S, reminiscent of modern, abstract art. Want to turn a boring space into something that reflects your quirky love of nature? Pattern J’s honeycomb design is perfect for you.

As you can see, it is easy to use wood vent grilles to make a quick change that will give any space a new feeling. And you can choose the wood finish you like, or even choose a paintable finish to give your new décor accessory a unique pop of color. Make it look built-in with the wall, or make it stand out for a cool touch. Browse our categories or call us at 714-765-8138 to learn more.

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