Choose Upscale Vent Grilles for a Thoughtful Accent

Posted by Pattern Cut on 4/27/2018 to Laser Cut Wood & Custom Vent Grilles

If you’ve ever wished that your home could have a more upscale style, you may be surprised to learn that you don’t have to spend a lot to get the look. In fact, the big elements in your home – furniture, paint colors, and decorative accents – may not even be the problem at all. Sometimes giving any space a very classy style is all about being thoughtful with the little details. Here’s how the addition of custom laser cut wood grilles can give your space the style you’ve been looking for.

Bring Natural Materials into Your Space with Wood Vent Grilles

One of the little things you can change about a space to make it appear more thoughtfully designed is to get rid of utilitarian metal accents and add in some natural materials. Wood vent grilles are a great example. There’s something luxurious about the appearance of real wood – just look at beautiful hardwood floors! Our grilles are made with maple, oak, cherry, and Baltic birch, perfect for bringing in a lush, natural feeling that can elevate any space. You can also choose a paintable surface if you prefer to have your custom laser cut wood grilles match the walls or your other décor.

Consider Micro Details to Give Your Space Thoughtful Style

If you want your space to look as though you’ve put a lot of thought into the design, the little details are truly important. For example, a standard metal vent grille gets ignored because we’re so used to seeing them. Boring rectangular slats get lost among all your other décor. But consider a custom design, like Pattern P, which can give a space a Moroccan or tropical vibe, or Pattern S, which is perfect for an artsy space. Just by adding these subtle details in an unexpected place, the style of the room is instantly more upscale.

Micro details like these that draw attention to areas that are often overlooked are perfect for making a space feel like something that was carefully planned out. Give your home the look of master craftsmanship, without the master craft prices.

Get the Fit Just Right to Finish Off the Upscale Look

Finally, giving a space a thoughtful design means that you can’t afford to get the fit “just okay.” At Pattern Cut, we custom-make all our laser cut wood grilles, so they are sized just right for your vents. We can also create custom designs if you don’t see exactly the right item in our catalogue. You can make your room look completely custom designed, like a luxury boutique. These accents are perfect in a formal room, such as a dining room or entryway, or a room where you want to feel pampered by thoughtful design, such as your private home office or your bedroom.

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