Custom Wood Vent Grilles Are Perfect for Any Style Home

Posted by Robert on 6/20/2018 to Laser Cut Wood & Custom Vent Grilles
Custom Wood Vent Grilles Are Perfect for Any Style Home

When it comes to selling a home that you’ve put your time, effort and money into building from scratch, it can feel very disheartening when you realize that the competition is beating you out. In many cases, the problem isn’t necessarily the home itself, but the way it was presented. Adding a few inexpensive, but quality, features here and there can make a home feel brand new – and that works for any style of home. Here are some of the ways that our laser cut wood grilles are used.

Transform a Boring Man Cave Into a Gentleman’s Club

If there is anything that custom vent grilles can do, it adds some instant class. The look of bespoke, laser cut wood grilles makes the homeowner look like they’ve taken a great deal of effort – when in reality, it was easy to find a small detail that can change everything. Go for something classic and bold in a dark finish for a manly man’s room, such as the Pattern W.

Give a Child’s Bedroom a Sense of Whimsy with Laser Cut Wood Grilles

Let’s say you’re having trouble convincing young families just starting out to envision their new baby growing up in a home. Why not help them detect the magic in the nursery with a few fairytale details? Pattern R is one of our laser cut wood grilles that is very reminiscent of pumpkin coaches, prince heralds, and beautiful magic jewelry. When a parent walks into a room that already has a magical ambiance thanks to those small details, they are far more likely to feel connected to the nursery.

Make a Chic Home Office More Refreshed with Custom Vent Grilles

Are you struggling to make a home office that is just a little too chic feel a bit more artsy for the right target audience? Try adding our custom vent grilles like the Pattern S. The subtle nod to abstract art, balanced with the geometric shapes, is just right for making a place feel modern but still a bit quirky and offbeat. Other great options are Patterns N and J, two very trendy patterns right now that add a lot of character for millennial buyers. Again, they can be painted or stained to make them the perfect accessory for your space.

Get Your Home Sold Faster

There’s nothing harder than working to get a home developed and built, for it to simply sit for months, unsold. Invest in some of these laser cut vent grilles to help any space have a bit of bespoke style. The more you can tell a story in a room with the details you’ve carefully chosen, the more likely you are to sell that house once and for all, especially if your market is younger adults just starting out. Check out our catalog or request custom work by calling 714-765-8138.

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