Dress Up Your Next Room Makeover with Wood Return Air Grilles

Posted by Robert on 6/13/2018 to Architectural & Decor
Dress Up Your Next Room Makeover with Wood Return Air Grilles

Giving a room a makeover can be a ton of fun. From rearranging furniture to painting the walls and more, there’s just so much you can do to make the process a lot of fun. But when was the last time you thought about the teeny tiny details? Did you know that something Did you know that something as often overlooked as the return air grilles can and should be part of your next room makeover?

Give Your Room a Fun, Modern Look with Wood Return Air Grilles

Love the look of modern, minimal chic, with just a touch of young-at-heart whimsy? We have wood return air grilles for you! Try Pattern J, a simple honeycomb design that is perfectly on trend without being overpowering. It adds just a touch of girly adventure to the room, making it perfect for a woman’s home office or a laid-back dining room.

Take Your Classic, Structured Style to the Next Level with Dark Wood Finishes

Is your new makeover taking your style in a more traditional, masculine direction? A classic square grid wood return air grille is perfect, but what makes this option stand out, even more, is the array of finishes. Try a darker wood finish to add to the intensity of a very traditional space. This is great if you want the wood return air grilles to blend into the background, but still add a sense of richness and bespoke style to a room. Compare this to something more fun and carefree, like Pattern N, and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

Bring Out Your Creative Side with Unique Wood Return Air Grilles in Bright Colors

Another finish option we offer is the ability to paint your wood return air grilles. Not sure how that might look? Consider the fact that you could easily match your air grille to the crown molding or baseboard of the room. Also consider how fun it may be to have a bright color to mix up an all-white wall. It will make your room look like an art gallery, with small exhibits of color all over the place. This option is available for all patterns. Choose a paintable finish, a darker finish, or a lighter natural finish. Be sure to give us the right size and we’ll get to work!

We Can Make Custom Wood Return Air Grilles

If you don’t see what you want in the catalog, not to worry! We take custom requests. Our hand-crafted wood return air grilles are perfect for putting the finishing touch on any makeover, and what’s better is that they won’t break the bank. Give us a try today by calling us at 714-765-8138.

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