Floral Repeat - 85" L x 5" H x 7/8" Thick
Floral Repeat - 85" Long x 5" H x 7/8" Thick

Floral Repeat - 85" L x 5" H x 7/8" Thick

Part Number:FM1148-500
Price: $200.00

Flex Molding Architectural Decoration

*All parts were photographed on a 1-inch square grid*

Our Flex Moldings have carved repeats of acanthus leaf egg & dart lambs tongue floral oak leaf ribbon reed and berry rope twist fluting and combinations of each. Many of these designs were originally adapted from natural foliage and organic geometric patterns. Torus is the name given to those larger mouldings of semi-circular or semi-elliptic section such as are specially used in Architecture on the bases of columns and pilasters on socles on Mediaeval door and window arches and on the ceiling mouldings of the Renascence and Modern times. While the smaller beads are ornamented with pearls and twisted cords these more important moldings are decorated by enrichments which resemble a bundle of rods round which ribbons are twisted at suitable places.

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