How Laser Cutting Gives You the Most Beautifully Cut, Engraved Panels, Moldings, Grills

Posted by Pattern Cut on 11/2/2014 to Tips & DIY

The first thing homeowners need to understand about light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation (laser) cutters is that they are costly, which means that the people using them are serious craftspeople who are not just fooling around hoping to sell a few items here and there. No, owners and operators of laser cutters are people who are dedicated to producing grills, furniture, jewelry, moldings, and panels that meet exacting specifications.

What Exactly is a Laser and a Laser Cutter

A laser is a beam of energy that is made up of photons that are released when electrons that had just been stimulated start to chill out and return to their normal state. Basically, a laser needs three things to work: a substance full of anxious atoms, a light, and mirrors. The light is the energy that excites the atoms, while the mirrors are arranged in a way that focuses the bouncing photons into a precise stream of laser energy. As you undoubtedly know, lasers these days are so precise that they are used to operate on eyes.

A laser cutter is comprised of a laser and a computer-based laser controller. Some commonly used computer programs that guide laser cutters are CAD (computer-aided design),  2.5 D CAD, 3D CAD, Solid Modeling, and Surface Modeling programs. The Surface Modeling and 2.5 D CAD programs are used to create relief objects such as modelings and grills do (their backsides remain uncut), while 3D CAD and Solid Modeling are used to create 3D objects. To use a laser cutter, the craftsperson enters the design into the computer that then uses the laser to cut, burn, vaporize, scribe, melt and blow, or cold cut that design out of wood, metal, or pretty much any other material you can think of. Depending upon the type of laser cutter used, either the material will be moved by the laser cutter beneath a static laser cutter head or the head will be moved over the material being cut.    

Positives to Laser Cutting

The benefits to laser cutting versus traditional types of cutting and engraving is that it can replicate the exact same product again and again. Also, using a computer-guided laser removes the chance for human error. So, when you order a laser cut or laser engraved grill, panel, or modeling you can be assured you will be getting some beautiful work for your home.

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