How the Style of Laser Cut Wood Grilles Affects the Look of a Room

Posted by Pattern Cut on 7/23/2014 to Laser Cut Wood & Custom Vent Grilles

Laser cut wood grilles allow you to customize every aspect of your room, right down to the air vents. You don’t have to treat this space as utilitarian. It can also be decorative. The choices you make even for this seemingly small detail can have a big impact on the room.

Here are a few ways that the style of the laser cut wood grilles that you choose can affect the look and feel of a room:


Many grilles are simple in nature, with a metallic finish like silver or gold. However, with wood grilles, you have your choice of color. A white grille can blend in with the wall or molding to create a streamlined look. If you are feeling bold, you can choose a pop of color to create a unique accent for the room. A natural wood finish can make the room feel rustic and quaint.


Laser cut wood grilles can feature basic designs or more complex cuts. A simple design might include a basic crisscross pattern with curved edges. The simpler designs will make the grilles appear more unobtrusive and blend in with the background. Complex designs can include scrollwork and special art. The more complex designs can make the room seem more sophisticated and elegant.

Cut Size

The size of the cuts will have an impact on the air flow, as well as the way the vent looks. Smaller cuts make the vent look more practical. Larger cuts create a more interesting look and will attract more attention. Larger cuts will also emphasize the design, so choosing the right style matters.

You have many options for laser cut wood grilles. Make sure you make the right selections to get the look you want for your room.

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