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Posted by Patterncut on 5/19/2014 to Tips & DIY
With summer bearing down on us - and in some places, it is already burning our necks - there is no doubt that we feel a need to not only have air conditioning in our homes and places of business, but we also expect and anticipate that our A/C units will be working as they should when we flip the switch the moment the thermometer hits "real hot."

With that in mind, now that you have your new grilles in place - or you have them on order - this is high time to run through a basic maintenance checklist for your A/C unit to make sure it is running properly and efficiently. 

Check the air filters. 

This is the time of year when it's good to get in the practice of checking your air filters every month just before you expect to use your system, regularly and then every month until after you have stopped full-time use. Clean or dispose of the filter if it gets too dirty. A clogged filter disrupts airflow and can decrease your efficiency, which can raise your electric bill by 10 to 20 percent in some cases.

Clean the coils once a season. 

This means once before summer, go out and spray your outside condenser unit, both outside and inside, to clean up dirt and dust that may have collected. If the coils and surrounding parts are dirty or dusty, that will affect efficiency and may prevent your A/C from cooling the air in your home to the level you want. Once a season doesn't have to mean every three months; a "season" is the time that you use your unit full-time; in some parts of the country, the summer "season" can stretch for five or more months. 

Schedule a tune-up every year to make sure no hidden dangers are left hidden. 

If your unit is newer, then an inspection may be warranted every couple of years. A professional tune-up can check for inefficiencies in the entire system and can help detect warning signs of future trouble. 

Regular Preventative Maintenance

It's always a good idea to keep a regular maintenance schedule with your A/C unit, especially in the summer when you will need it most. If you sense or hear any sign of trouble, call a professional as quickly as possible. This time of year, we don't want you taking any chances.

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