4 Laser Cut Wood Grilles that Add Modern Elegance

Posted by Pattern Cut on 5/30/2018 to Laser Cut Wood & Custom Vent Grilles
4 Laser Cut Wood Grilles that Add Modern Elegance

If you are building property in an upscale neighborhood where home prices are high and the clientele expects custom touches, you probably ask yourself how you can add elegance at every turn. One way to make a home feel more elegant is to pay attention to little utilitarian details that get overlooked. For example, you paid attention to the crown molding and the baseboards, but what about the vent covers? Our collection of laser cut wood grilles offers a custom look that adds total elegance to something that most people ignore.

Old World Charm with Our Wood Return Air Grilles

If elegance to you means old European charm, look no further than Pattern E. This wood return air grille puts us in mind of ancient cathedrals and beautiful artwork from all over Europe. While that’s not exactly modern, it does bring in a ton of elegant detail for your space, which you can make more modern with a contemporary color scheme, for example.

Another elegant option for laser cut wood grilles is Pattern P, which makes us think of stained glass windows in temples and castles. These can still come across as very modern when you choose a finish that is modern, such as a lighter, brighter wood, or a paintable finish that can be painted to match the wall or other details.

Modern Elegances Meets Detailed Craftsmanship

One way that many people define elegance is through details that appear expertly crafted. Our Pattern Q is a perfect example. Unique shapes and a pattern that appears three dimensional gives this grille a very carefully crafted appearance.

Another option that has a similarly detailed, hand-crafted look for an elegant accessory is Pattern Y. The tiny details of each quatrefoil on this wood return air grille are perfect for making any room feel as though it was designed by a top interior decorator.

Once again, the finish will really help add the right type of style to these grille covers. Choose a paintable maple, a bright oak for a modern look, or a gorgeous cherry for more traditional elegance. This range of options lets you truly decide from what angle you want to approach the idea of “modern elegance” for your buyers.

Custom-Create Your Ideal Wood Grille

If these four laser cut wood grilles don’t offer the modern elegance you want, you can contact us to have a custom design created. You know your buyers better than anyone, and you know what will attract them most to a home or space that you want to sell. If the modern elegance you are looking for is something totally unique, give us a call at 714-765-8138 to get started.

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