Looking for a Unique Finishing Touch for Your New Home? Try These Laser Cut Wood Grilles

Posted by Robert on 6/27/2018 to Laser Cut Wood & Custom Vent Grilles
Looking for a Unique Finishing Touch for Your New Home? Try These Laser Cut Wood Grilles

If there is anything that draws in buyers today, it’s character. Everyone wants to own a home that has “character,” but what does that mean? What many buyers mean when they say this is that they want those luxurious and off-beat little details that other homes don’t have. They want to find something original. And there are several ways that you can use laser cut wood grilles to do just that.

Wood Return Air Grilles Are Always Overlooked

We are so used to seeing metal air grilles that it almost catches us off guard to see something as rich as laser cut wood grilles. This is a detail that most people don’t even see anymore – their mind buzzes right through it. But it’s a detail that can add some serious punch to your style. Consider how the Pattern B might look in a space that was very inspired by a vintage style. The unique starburst pattern carries that motif without being overpowering. Now consumers are free to think about how their furnishings would fit, while still being very impressed by the quality and appearance of all those little details.

A Few of Our Best Laser Cut Wood Grilles

If you are considering using wood return air grilles to add instant finishing touches to your space, here are some of our most popular:

  • Pattern F: Another highly decorative option, Pattern F offers a unique twist on Moroccan and Catholic church motifs. This is great for making a room seem more expensive and for making the homeowner appear more well-traveled.

  • Pattern I: If you don’t want to stray too far from what prospective buyers are used to seeing, you can try a wood version of the classic metal grates. This is Pattern I, and it comes in a huge array of finishes. This is perfect for buyers that aren’t into taking risks, but do appreciate the look of built-in furniture.

  • Pattern O: Now here’s a unique one. It can work just perfectly as a masculine design in a man cave or gaming room. But it also has such a small pattern that it would work in a dining room or other more feminine space. But the oddness of this one is what makes it so popular. Designers love taking chances on the small areas where it won’t really hinder the overall look too much.

Stand Out from the Crowd with These Wood Return Air Grilles

The finishing touch in staging is what can make or break a buyer’s decision in the long run. Don’t let a tiny detail be the reason your buyers choose the competition. Step up your staging game with these custom-made wood return air grilles for any style home.

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