Maximize Architectural Columns Use Inside Your Home

Posted by Pattern Cut on 1/2/2015 to Architectural & Decor
Maximize Architectural Columns Use Inside Your Home

Architectural columns have been used for thousands of years as accents and support for palaces and other forms of structure. While these architectural accents are traditional used for impressive palaces and structures, these can also work in residential homes. Architectural columns can work for a variety of home improvement projects, and can help boost overall home value and aesthetics. Here are creative ways on how you can use architectural columns inside your home.

Use decorative columns to divide the space

For many homeowners, columns are often associated with a property’s exterior and for structural support. While these are traditional applications, keep in mind that it can work inside your home, in different rooms of your house. For example, it can be used to divide an open space or at least create a visual division of the room. Work with a decorative column to support the breakfast or kitchen counter. Whatever home improvement project you decide on, keep in mind that value of scale. Use large and thicker columns in large rooms and adding thin and smaller columns in small rooms. Columns can also be used at door entrances creating a grand look, and work in the living room not just for structural support but also for dramatic flair. In a property with an open floor plan, the columns can serve as ‘structural markers’ that can work as boundaries between the dining area, the kitchen and even the living room.

Add a visual interest inside your home

Architectural columns are often inspired by the work of the masters, thus incorporating these accents into your home can create another layer of character. These columns inspired by the masters can work for property owners who are avid students of history or can work for homeowners who are simply looking for timeless architectural elements inside their homes. Columns ordered from top manufacturers are already complete and polished, but you can always paint these to match existing wall color or theme of home decor. For example, a white-painted wall with white-based furnishings can be paired with white-painted columns to create a monochromatic look.

Columns can work on a variety of projects and work the best when used outdoors. These can help re-create an open deck or patio and transform it into an instant pergola, with the columns fitted with rafters and girders for plans and vines to grow for an instant arbour.

Architectural columns are flexible construction and home accents for your property. The options are diverse, from shape that include fluted, tapered, round and square to specific styling like Fluted Column with Acanthus Leaf and Basket Weaved Column with Grapes from Pattern Cut. Whatever option or design you select, remember to exercise caution and balance. There’s no need to fill your property with columns and turn it into a temple; a few strategically-positioned and elegant columns are all you need to add a dramatic flair to home design.

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