Plinth Block Installation

Posted by Pattern Cut on 3/2/2015 to Plinth Blocks
Plinth Block Installation
If you’ve purchased some beautiful plinth blocks, you’ll need to know how to install them. Here is a simple guide.

The Rich History of Rosettes

Posted by Pattern Cut on 11/29/2014 to Architectural & Decor
The Rich History of Rosettes
The rosette used today in design and architecture has quite a rich history. A rosette is a round, stylized flower design, used extensively in sculptural objects from antiquity, appearing in Mesopotamia and used to decorate the funeral stele in Ancient Greece. It was adopted later in Romanesque and Renaissance, and also common in the art of Central Asia, spreading as far as India where it is used as a decorative motif in Greco-Buddhist art.

How to Install Plinth Blocks with a Door Frame

Posted by Patterncut on 8/1/2014 to Plinth Blocks
Plinth blocks can be a wonderful visual element to virtually any room, adding a nice piece of art to a molding, baseboard or door frame.

Creative Uses for Rosettes

Posted by Patterncut on 1/31/2014 to Ornaments, Corbels, Medallions & More
Rosettes have been used as ornamental decor in architecture and sculpture for thousands of years, and stand today as one of the most enduring design motifs ever created by mankind. A rosette is basically a stylized rose pattern, with the petals extending out from the central stem.

Plinth Blocks

Posted by Robert on 12/16/2013 to Plinth Blocks
Plinth Blocks
Decorators and homeowners utilize plinth blocks to improve the look of a room or home. Plinth Blocks create a beautiful conversion between the door casing and baseboard trim work by preventing unsightly seams and angles. They allow smooth transition between materials while adding character and depth to the area. Continued use of this construction style has led to many beautiful buildings and gorgeous homes. These attractive styles can be used to subtly alter the mood of a room without the expense of a complete renovation.

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