Replace Weather-Worn Column Capitals with New Ones that Maintain the Historic Integrity of Your Home

Posted by Pattern Cut on 9/5/2018 to Columns, Capitals & Features
Replace Weather-Worn Column Capitals with New Ones that Maintain the Historic Integrity of Your Home

Your property doesn't have to be historic to benefit from replacement of column capitals, but if it is a historic structure, you do want to take steps to prevent further wear and tear. If there are any column capitals that are weather worn, broken or beyond repair, it is time to consider replacement capitals.

The Common Features of Column Capitals

If you are new to the subject of replacement capitals, you may not realize that there is a lot of familiarity between styles and even periods. For example, a quick review of the most common styles would always include those defined as Ionic, Doric and Corinthian. In each of those categories, you find unique elements such as floral designs, leaves and other recognizable figural elements. This should go a long way in relieving you, since many people fear that replacement capitals will be unable to emulate the look or appearance of the original.

Choosing a Provider of Replacement Capitals

Of course, as is the case with almost any specialty part or component in home building or renovation and restoration, there will be differences between providers. You want to find a provider of column capitals or replacement capitals that is totally conversant with all aspects of this architectural feature. Not only should they be able to offer you a diversity of choices, but they should be a "one stop" option.

For example, do they sell columns as well as the column capitals? Do they offer a range of other architectural ornaments or accents? For instance, in addition to columns and capitals, do they also make corbels and medallions? This is important because it is only experts that can help to ensure that the historic integrity of your home or property is maintained through the use of the new or replacement materials.

They should be very familiar with the terminology associated with this part of classic home design. For instance, do they know about volutes and acanthus leaves and can they tell the differences between the elements common to the Corinthian styles and those of the Ionic?

This level of expertise is valuable to you when preservation of your home or property's character is important.

Materials Matter

Lastly, you will need to determine if they can supply you with materials that will outlast the originals. As one expert noted, columns and capitals made of synthetics and other modern materials, including some woods, are far more likely to endure. They don't succumb to moisture and poor ventilation the way original materials may have done, and it is that which probably led to the need to do a replacement in the first place.

The base color of any columns or capitals should also be a consideration as they should match whatever original materials remain or be able to be easily painted or stained to make a convincing update or repair.

The team at Pattern Cut specializes in the world's finest, custom-made decorative and laser cut capitals, columns and other decorative accents.

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