Replacing Your Metal Grilles with Wood

Posted by Robert on 2/20/2014 to Laser Cut Wood & Custom Vent Grilles
After you've lived in a home for a while, it may need a little sprucing up.  Or, perhaps you’re just a little bored with the same look you've lived with for years.  While you might want to completely redecorate or refurnish your home, that can be costly, and most people today are living on a tight budget, making a total interior overhaul impossible.  Small changes to your home can make a major impact.  Sometimes, something as simple as replacing your old, metal vent grilles with a much more aesthetically pleasing wood grille can make a huge difference on the look of a room.

Grilles are commonly used to cover the air intake portion of the heating, ventilation, & air condition system in your home.  This is where the air is pulled out of a room and circulated through your heating or cooling system.  Replacing your air filters regularly can prevent HVAC system failure.  A dirty air filter can make your AC unit work harder and consume more energy.  Changing the air filter in your home can improve the air quality in your home.  Poor air quality can aggravate allergies and asthma.  A dirty air filter makes your HVAC system and ducts get dirty, demanding costly cleaning.  A new air filter can conserve energy and save you money on your electric bill.  The air filter is a very important part of your HVAC system, and most people don’t usually give the grille that covers it much consideration.

Replacing the unattractive metal grilles in your home with wood vent grilles can give your home a new, charming look at a small cost.  With twenty-six patterns to choose from, wood vent grilles from Pattern Cut, Inc. can totally revive the look of any room in the house.  The decorative wood grilles are manufactured from laminated birch hardwood are laser cut and the face is veneered of maple, oak, or cherry, adding charm and beauty and giving your home a fresh, attractive new look.

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