Set the Style of Your Home with Decorative Wood Grilles

Posted by Pattern Cut on 1/3/2018 to Architectural & Decor
Set the Style of Your Home with Decorative Wood Grilles

If you’ve ever tried to change the look of your home with new furnishings, new curtains, and a fresh coat of paint, then you know the frustration that occurs when it never really feels any different. Some spaces just have a specific character that is hard to get rid of when you’re not thinking about the right details. This year, when you want to put your own style thumbprint on your space, stop and think about the framework of the space rather than the aesthetic details.

What do we mean by the framework? Think about the space without any furnishings or paint. What you are left with are the walls, the floor covering, and any details that are permanent, like crown molding and light switch covers. Another thing that many homeowners overlook? The vent grilles! Believe it or not, changing this detail can have a huge impact on how well you’re able to interpret your own style in a room. Here are a few great examples:

Bring Masculine Texture Into Any Room with Wood Return Air Grilles

Is your home lacking in that solid, masculine feel that you wish it had? Maybe you want a space that feels like a traditional man cave, and you just can’t get the details right. Start with that framework! Add traditional details like dark crown molding and textured wood décor. Our Pattern O wood grilles would make an excellent place to start. The unique patterned laser cut design is decorative without being fussy – perfect for the look you want to achieve.

Go Retro Chic in Any Space with Art Deco Wood Grilles

Do you love the look of retro décor, but are you stuck in a very modern high rise? Here’s a great way to change it up for a truly retro-chic space. Add something geometric like our Pattern T wood grilles, and then accent that framework with your retro furnishings. You can choose luxurious wood finishes for your wood grilles, like cherry for an upscale club feel, or choose paintable maple if you want to make the detail a bit more subtle. As you can see, it’s very easy to set the style of your home with the right detail changes – you just have to know where to start!

Find Your Style in Our Wood Return Air Grilles Catalogue

If you haven’t seen your style in this article, don’t worry! We offer a huge range of wood vent grilles, with many different styles to choose from. Whether you want a beautiful Victorian element or a totally chic minimalist look, we can provide you with the right framework for your space; and all can be customized to the right size for your room. Check out our catalogue to find many more styles.

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