Strategies for Elevating Home Decor

Posted by Pattern Cut on 6/16/2015 to Architectural & Decor
Strategies for Elevating Home Decor
When it comes to selling a home, regardless of whether it is new construction or an existing property, beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. And, since the goal is to get that beholder to buy, it only makes sense to make that home as beautiful as possible in order to improve your chances of closing the sale. Especially since, in many cases, the specific elements that contribute to a home's appeal: Size, location, amenities, etc... are so even between two properties that the little details can sway the balance in your favor. How can you make your home stand out from the crowd? One proven way is to add some decorative upgrades to the home decor.

Cost versus Value

When looking at potential home upgrades, one of the factors that come into play every time is the cost versus value equation. You're in the business of making money, so you don't want to spend so much that it takes too big of a bite out of your profit margin, but you need to spend enough to entice the potential buyers. Appliance upgrades can be extremely expensive, as can structural upgrades or added features. 

The answer is in the little details. Architectural and decorative details, to be more specific.

Upgrading the Home Decor

Every home has certain basic features to work with. They all have floors, they all have walls, they all have doors and doorways. They are essential but they do need to wow potential buyers so they can envision themselves living in grandeur, or something close to it.

Upgrade the appeal of these basic features to create a visual world of difference that will grab the eye of the customer and plant your home firmly in their memory. Do this easily, affordably and effectively through the use of architectural ornaments and wood embellishments.

What are Architectural Ornaments?

Architectural ornaments are, for the most part, aesthetic embellishments that have little effect on the functionality of a home's feature. Items like Rosettes, Corbels, Capitals, and other ornaments can add a sense of elegance and class to a wall, doorway or other structural feature. 

Architectural ornaments add personality to a bland room or home exterior. Anything that makes you stand out from the crowd is a good thing, right?

Wood Vent Grilles

Most homes these days have working air conditioner vents, register vents or other air passage vents. One great way to crank up the style without slamming your budget is by adding custom wood vent grilles. These are a great way to replace slatted vent covers with something trendy, fun, or classy to any room theme or home decor strategy.

The technology involved with creating this sort of high-end woodwork has evolved so much over the past few decades that you can find an incredibly diverse range of styles, or even have custom vent grille covers made. It's the type of difference that will grab the eye of the beholder, and stick in the mind of the buyer. 

Have questions or looking for a custom air vent grille design? Contact us.

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