The Smallest Details Do Matter! Discover Our Incredible Wood Vent Grilles

Posted by Pattern Cut on 1/19/2018 to Laser Cut Wood & Custom Vent Grilles

Have you ever wondered how to fill your home with character that lasts? No matter how often you change up your décor, your home still often seems like a blank slate with no personality once you strip away the dressing. One reason for this is that you aren’t looking at the smallest details! Sure, the paint job and the flooring material catch your eye first – but it’s often the small things, like a unique crown molding, or beautiful laser cut wood grilles with charming designs, that make your room seem special. Here are a few examples.

Make Any Space Seem Grand with Vent Grilles

Vent grilles go over the air and heating vents, and usually are just metal coverings that blend right into the wall. But traditionally, decorative wood vent grilles were used in spaces like chapels and cathedrals, were artistry was displayed in every single detail. If you want your home to have the same grand feeling as a soaring temple, consider a laser cut wood grille like this one, with it’s beautiful rosette pattern that is reminiscent of holy spaces around the world.

Give Your Space Traditional Grandeur with Vent Grilles

What if you prefer a space that puts you mind of a traditional, masculine space, such as an old smoking lounge or gentlemen’s club from bygone eras? Choose something like this beautiful laser cut wood vent grille, which features a very charismatic design that can be either modern or traditional. Paired with dark leather chairs and a fireplace, these vent grilles would be right at home in a sophisticated man cave.

Customize Your Home with the Small Details

When choosing the small details of your home, it becomes easy to imbue any space with your precise style personality. Whether you want to devote room to your love of mid-century mod, or you want to create a fairy tale experience in your walk-in closet, you can find laser cut wood grilles that work perfectly for your style. And although they may not be the loudest detail in the room, they do add the finishing touch that really brings home the entire design. These base pieces allow all your other décor to come together perfectly and stand out as real design choices – not just items you’ve put in a space.

Get Your Wood Vent Grilles Just Right

You can customize your wood grilles as well! Choose the wood finish you prefer for your space, from bright maple to traditional cherry, and have our laser cut wood grilles sized to fit your exact specifications. When you’re aiming for a big finish with the small details, it pays to get it right the first time. At Pattern Cut, we help you do just that with our extensive catalogue of beautiful wood vent grilles.

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