Update Homes with Replacement Flex Molding, Flex Crown Molding, Air Damper Louvers & Vent Grilles

Posted by Pattern Cut on 6/29/2015 to Architectural & Decor
Update Homes with Replacement Flex Molding, Flex Crown Molding, Air Damper Louvers & Vent Grilles

When it comes to redecorating your home, in many ways it is the smaller things that matter. Just a few of these smaller items that can really turn a good remodeling into a stunning redecoration include new laser cut flex moldings, flex crown moldings, air damper louvers, and vent grilles. However, for these accents to best work their magic, you have to make sure they are of top quality and that they have been precisely cut and engraved.

Flex Moldings

Flex moldings are like other moldings that affix to the crease between a ceiling and a wall, between a floor and a wall, or simply straight onto a wall itself. However, flex moldings are different because they are flexible so that the can be used in curved applications. The most ornate flex moldings are intricately engraved.

Flex Crown Mouldings

Flex crown molding is flex moldings that are used to cap off cabinets, pilasters, and walls. Oftentimes, laser cut crown molding is used to build door and window hoods and cornice assemblies.

Air Damper Louvres

There are so many beautiful air damper louvers on the market these days that I amazed that so many people settle for boring, flat and totally pedestrian louvers when remodeling or decorating their homes. If you are interested in adding some fine laser cut air damper louvers to your home, please keep in mind that air damper louvers do not direct air flow, they merely cover the outflow opening with a beautiful grille.

Vent Grilles

Vent grilles are made out of many materials. There are aluminum vent grilles, which is the most common boring type, wood vent grilles, and various other types of metal vent grilles. Unlike the majority of air damper louvers, vent grilles often do direct the airflow. These finely cut home accents usually attach to the air flow duct openings via screws or magnets.

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