Update Your Room's Look with Custom Vent Grilles

Posted by Pattern Cut on 1/3/2018 to Laser Cut Wood & Custom Vent Grilles

As a homeowner, one of the few truly fun things about having your own space is that you get to decide when it’s time for a style update. Maybe you’ve always had a traditional space and you want to go more modern – or vice versa! Whatever the case may be, it’s definitely important to pay attention to all the details. From the light switch cover to the vent grilles, you can truly change the entire character of a space with the small upgrades.

Vent grilles may seem like an afterthought, but think of them more like a foundation. Just like your flooring, crown molding, and other design details that are always in the space, they act as framing for your furniture and décor. That framing is what can set the entire mood, so be sure to think carefully about what kind of update you want. Here at Pattern Cut, we offer tons of vent grille designs to choose from, all of which can help you boost your style. Here are just a few examples:

Fairytale Elegance with Our Laser Cut Wood Grilles

Did you ever think that your vent grilles would give your space the feel of a fairy tale? Our Pattern K vent grilles are designed with elegant scrolling knotwork, reminiscent of old fairy tale scrolls and artwork. These would look absolutely lovely in a young girl’s bedroom, or in a home library where you want to add the feel of magic. You can choose a beautiful wood finish like cherry, or go with a paintable maple so you can match the grilles to your décor.

Modern Art Vent Grilles Give Your Home a Contemporary Upgrade

Did you ever think that your vent grilles would be a work of art? Check out our Pattern S laser cut wood grilles, which actually resemble miniature works of contemporary art. Geometric shapes, in a random pattern on a grid background, make this vent grille appear like a framed image you might see in a gallery. Keep these grilles’ natural wood for a unique yet subtle detail, or paint them in bright colors to really bring out the appearance of a modern art piece. There are so many ways to give your space a contemporary feel, and adding fun artwork is one of the easiest.

Do you like what you see? We offer so many patterns that it can be hard to decide exactly how you want to update your room. Luckily it’s easy to change your look as often as you like when you choose details such as these. Our grilles can be made to the exact size of your vents, and they are an affordable décor essential that makes any room feel finished.

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