Finish Your Next Custom Home Project in Style by Adding Wood Vent Grilles

Posted by Pattern Cut on 7/18/2018 to Laser Cut Wood & Custom Vent Grilles
Finish Your Next Custom Home Project in Style by Adding Wood Vent Grilles

When you’ve finished building or flipping a home, it’s time to start getting buyers in the door. But how do you make your project stand out from all the other homes on the market these days?

One thing to do is to make space feel handcrafted with small finishing details like wood vent grilles. Simply changing out the material from metal to wood gives any space the look of being crafted by the masters – and that’s a great way to draw a crowd.

Here are some tips for finishing your next project with the right wood grilles.

Choose Wood Grilles with Universal Appeal

When you create a custom home, you still often think about what will appeal to the majority of buyers. Rather than painting the walls lime green, you probably went with a soft sage or a dove gray. These are smart choices that help potential buyers better envision themselves in the space.

The finishing details should be treated the same way. Use wood vent grilles that are appealing to many, such as the simple and modern arches of the Pattern N wood grille, rather the ornate look of something like Pattern R. This grille is perfect for a suburban home that could be decorated in many different styles based on the owner’s desires.

Or, Highlight the Home’s Unique Style with Wood Vent Grilles

The other way you can use wood grilles to finish off a room is by choosing a pattern that works for the style of the home itself. Did you create a formal Spanish-style home with lots of Mediterranean accents?

Consider something like Pattern E with a beautiful Moroccan-inspired design. If the home you designed has a modern or eclectic vibe, the more modern Pattern H may be more appropriate. Just by highlighting the home’s style this way, you make any space feel more complete and finished – as though it just came straight out of a design magazine.

Customize Wood Grilles for Your Needs

There are two ways you can also order custom wood grilles for the house you’ve been designing.

The first is to choose the paintable maple finish, rather than the oak or cherry. You can paint the wood grilles a bright pop of color in an urban home, or paint them to match the wall to blend in within a minimalist home.

The second is that PatternCut.com can also create custom designs if you don’t see what you love in our catalog. Have a specific style in mind? Contact us and we’ll help you make it happen.

Let us be a part of your design!

Wood grilles are an affordable way to add the finishing touch that will make buyers feel that your home is charming and unique. Incorporate wood vent grilles to your project to stand out from the competition without breaking the bank.

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