Why Builders Love Our Wood Vent Grilles

Posted by Pattern Cut on 1/3/2018 to Laser Cut Wood & Custom Vent Grilles

Selling a property is about more than just solid construction and intelligent design. For buyers on the market for excellent properties, those little aesthetic details make all the difference. After all, they can look at ten other properties on the very same day that are all built well and designed for modern convenience. What they won’t see is a home where beauty is the very foundation of the property. That’s why smart builders love Pattern Cut’s wood vent grilles, which provide elegant detail in the most unexpected places.

Wood Vent Grilles Add Elegance to Newly Built Homes

Wood is a material that screams luxury to today’s buyers, and when it’s crafted into beautiful decorative designs, it appears even more upscale. Adding decorative pieces to utilitarian areas in a property also makes the entire property seem more valuable and stylish. All that adds up to one thing for builders: the ability to offer something that no one else does, and that translates into profit! Investing in decorative detail means that you can present a property with confidence. Buyers will note your exquisite attention to detail, which reflects well on you.

Give a Room a Finished Look Before Staging with Wood Vent Grilles

One of the keys to great staging when you sell a property is to pay attention to the details. Throwing some random furniture in a room will not get the right buyer’s attention. But when you have a great style, coupled with unique permanent details like lovely crown molding and a decorative wood grille, you’ll stand out from the many other properties on the market. In a business where competition is fierce, that’s a vital edge that you can’t afford to lose.

Pattern Cut Offers You Options

One thing that many buyers note about the standard vent grilles is that they are very generic. One size does not always fit every property, which is another reason to choose wood vent grilles. Our decorative vent grilles come in a variety of styles that can make any space seem perfectly decorated. For example, you can choose a very traditional lattice design for a house with a masculine atmosphere, or try something modern and fun like a beehive hexagon pattern – perfect for a condo where you want to attract young professionals, for example. Even if you’re working with older properties for a rehab and flip, you can find elegant scrolling designs that will provide an excellent finishing touch in any room. We even offer vent grilles that look more like modern abstract art, with random shapes and patterns that will appeal in artsy communities.

Ready to stand out from the crowd and give any property the look it deserves? Set off all your hard work with a detail that buyers will love. Our wood vent grilles are the perfect way to convince buyers that your work is what they’ve always been looking for.

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