3 Incredible Wood Vent Grille Patterns Your Millennial Customers Will Love

Posted by Pattern Cut on 4/20/2018 to Laser Cut Wood & Custom Vent Grilles
3 Incredible Wood Vent Grille Patterns Your Millennial Customers Will Love

If you are a builder in today’s world, your customer base is changing fast. More and more millennial buyers are entering the market, looking to get out of the renting game and start investing in property. But that means that you have to consider what details will draw in this unique consumer group. Millennial buyers want more than just a house – they want a lifestyle. To sell a home to this group, you’ll need to ensure that your building has a story to tell. And the best way to do that is to pay attention to those little details, such as the custom wood grille that makes a room feel special.

Why Wood Return Air Grilles?

One easy way to give any room the unique character and charm that younger buyers want is to pay attention to the details that get overlooked elsewhere. Things like the vent grilles, which are usually utilitarian metal, can become an eye-catching detail when you choose a wood grille made with a unique design. This is something that you can include without spending a lot, and without adding a lot of extra production time on your end. Just measure your vent, order a custom design from our catalogue, and install in minutes.

Three Great Wood Grille Patterns Your Young Buyers Will Love

Of course, all millennials are unique individuals with their own tastes. But a good rule of thumb with custom wood return air grilles is to avoid anything that looks too traditional. Modern designs with unique geometric shapes, whimsical style, or an artsy look that turns the vent into an attention-getting detail are all great options. Here are three from our collection that are perfect for younger buyers.

Pattern J: Pattern J is a honeycomb pattern that is perfect for young buyers with trendy style. Hexagonal patterns are fresh and interesting without being too over-the-top, and are easy to combine with many décor styles. This pattern would appeal to younger buyers that want to maintain a sense of innovation throughout their style, even on things as “boring” as a wood grille.

Pattern N: For something that appeals to a more sophisticated millennial, check out Pattern N. Made up of a repeating pattern of arches, this wood grille is very reminiscent of art deco styles, but still has a sleek, modern feel. This is perfect for adding some softness and interest to an otherwise basic square room.

Pattern S: If you are selling a home in a very artsy neighborhood or town, Pattern S won’t disappoint! This abstract design of geometric shapes is perfect for art-loving millennials that want that “pop” of the unexpected in their rooms. It pairs very well with eclectic décor, and would also be great in a child’s room for the future.

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