Our Wood Grilles Offer Exceptional Details for Any Taste

Posted by Pattern Cut on 5/16/2018 to Laser Cut Wood & Custom Vent Grilles
Our Wood Grilles Offer Exceptional Details for Any Taste

Most people who are decorating a room don’t think about the wood return air grilles. They think about the paint color, the flooring, the crown molding – but it’s almost as though the grille that covers the air vent doesn’t exist. However, just like crown molding and flooring, these little elements can add a lot to the style of the space. And at Pattern Cut, we offer a custom catalogue of wood grille options to suit any taste.

Incorporating Your Taste into the Room Décor with a Wood Grille

It’s hard to pull what you consider your “taste” out of your head and turn it into a room. But breaking down taste to a few choice adjectives can help. Maybe you gravitate towards things that are heavy, hand-made, dark, and solid. Your taste could probably be summed up as traditional – but do you like elegant details like polished wood, or rustic details like hand-hewn furniture? As you can see, even breaking it down to the basics can lead to yet more questions.

That is why having plenty of options for the details is important. The deeper you go into the levels of “taste,” the more helpful having options really is. In the example above, someone who likes “elegant traditional” style may enjoy details such as our Pattern V wood grille, which is elegant but still solid and sturdy in appearance. Someone who likes a “rustic traditional” style may prefer something like Pattern I, which looks like a rustic, wooden version of the standard metal grille.

Everyone Can Bring Their Taste to Life

One thing that we’ve learned about tastes in home décor is that no two people will ever like something for the same reasons. For example, you may love Pattern N because it reminds you of the ancient arched architecture you saw when travelling overseas. When combined with a room filled with antique collectibles and an eclectic bohemian vibe, this wood grille would definitely give off Tuscan vibes.

But someone else may love this grille for a nursery because it reminds them of clouds. They may choose a paintable finish, paint the grille baby blue, and put it in a room filled with rainbow murals and brightly colored toys. Suddenly, the same detail takes on a whole new life.

Custom Wood Return Air Grilles Can Be Made for Your Taste

What if your taste is something that goes beyond what any catalogue has to offer? Maybe you are an artist with a unique style that you want to express through custom details. At Pattern Cut, we can help! We offer custom laser cut services to make a wood grille that exactly suits your taste. To learn more, contact us at 714-765-8138.

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