Wood Vent Grilles Add a Unique Touch to Model Homes

Posted by Pattern Cut on 8/29/2018
Wood Vent Grilles Add a Unique Touch to Model Homes

The biggest element that goes into staging a model home is psychology, believe it or not.

When a buyer walks into a model home, the home has to make them feel comfortable – without being exactly personalized to their unique style, so that it also works for other buyers.

This means that builders and home sellers have to think hard about what types of details to add. One great way to add charm to a room without ruining this careful balance is to add decorative wood vent grilles. Here’s why...

Decorative Wood Vent Grilles Enhance, But Don’t Overtake Imagination

One very important part of making a model home inviting is to make it feel very welcoming and attractive, without “stealing the show.” Buyers have to be able to imagine their own décor in the home, while still feeling like the place is very attractive as it is. Decorative wood vent grilles are perfect for maintaining this balance. They create a sense of expertly crafted elegance with natural materials and subtle texture, but they aren’t overpowering.

Decorative Wood Vent Grilles Still Have Purpose

Another important part of decorating a model home is making sure that the buyer sees the purpose of every element in the home. For example, turn that spare room into an office or a guest room – don’t just leave it empty. This is why breakfast nooks always have tables. Decoration should always give the buyer an idea of why this house meets their functional needs as well. Wood vent grilles are absolutely still a functioning part of a home, filtering dust and debris from the air and covering the vent in an attractive way.

Pattern Cut Has Lots of Options for Your Model Homes

As model homes, you’ll want to keep the décor neutral to work for many buyers. At Pattern Cut, there are many very decorative wood vent grilles – but also many design options that are perfect for a modern, classy model home. Keep it simple with something like Pattern T, or add just a touch more visual interest with something that is still neutral and easy, like Pattern G.

Easy and Affordable Way to Stage a Model Home

The last thing that every builder or home seller has to think about is the return on investment when it comes to staging. You want to make the home look great without throwing away profit. Wood vent grilles are an affordable way to make the home feel custom made, and take just minutes to install.

This is a great way to add traditional character to a space with natural materials and unique touches, while also keeping the budget in check! Check out the Pattern Cut catalog to find more options for all your model homes.

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