Your House Deserves That Extra Touch: Wood Vent Grilles Make the Difference

Posted by Pattern Cut on 7/11/2018 to Laser Cut Wood & Custom Vent Grilles
Your House Deserves That Extra Touch: Wood Vent Grilles Make the Difference

Have you ever wondered how to go about giving a room a little bit of a finishing touch? Wood vent grilles from Pattern Cut are a great way to take a space from pretty to amazing. Here are a few options from our catalog of wood grilles that show you how our designs help you create a lovely home with a simple extra touch.

Simple Wood Grilles to Add Traditional Class

Do you want the traditional look of a metal vent grille, but the special touch of a real wood finish? We do offer designs that mimic the look of metal vent grilles. Pattern I is a standard vertical wood vent grille that keeps the grille a background accessory without adding any clashing style to a room. But the look of real maple, oak, or cherry adds a touch of class that finishes off your room in style.

Give Any Room a Decorative Touch

Classy Styles for Adults

We also offer a great many wood grilles with very decorative grates. These can range from giving your home a Victorian style, to create a modern and whimsical look.

Try Pattern E in a traditional study or lounge, or Pattern D in a room that embraces kitschy fun.

Imagination Inducing Designs for Children

Another fun way to use decorative wood vent grilles is in a child’s room. Not only will they have an adorable finishing touch to their room décor, but the classic wood finish will grow with them as they get older – and you don’t have to worry about sharp metal edges cutting little fingers.

Pattern W will remind a child of her favorite building blocks and Pattern G of his favorite shapes.

Paint and Customize to Your Heart’s Content

When you go with our maple finish, you can paint the wood vent grilles any color you like. Make them blend right into the wall, adding just a bit of texture, or give them a pop of color to embrace their unique design. They are meant to match the decor and compliment, not detract from the interior design everyone worked so hard to put together!

We also create custom wood grilles if you have an idea for something totally unique. These are a very affordable way to give any room an instant feeling of being “finished.” After you’ve spent all that time painting, adding furnishings, installing crown molding, and adding decorations, why not get rid of unsightly metal grates as well?

Something for Any Style

One great thing about our wood vent grilles is that they are easy to swap out if your style changes. If you start out loving the look of ornate geometry and later shift to enjoying something more nature-inspired, we have many options for you. These grilles take only moments to swap out, and you can change them whenever you want to change up your style.

Check out our catalog of beautiful wood vent grilles, or contact us for a custom design today.

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