Maintain Your Old Home's Integrity with Decorative Wood Vent Grilles

Posted by Robert on 6/6/2018 to Architectural & Decor
Maintain Your Old Home's Integrity with Decorative Wood Vent Grilles

Do you own an older home that you love? For many homeowners, their older homes often become similar to an old family member: a little quirky, makes odd noises, and gets cold often…but you still love it all the same. If you are this type of homeowner, one thing you’ve probably struggled with is how to keep the home true to its original glory, while replacing worn out details or modernizing certain aspects. At Pattern Cut, we have the decorative wood vent grilles you need to maintain your home’s integrity while adding a bit of flair.

Dress Up a Room with Intricate Vent Grilles

One thing that many older homes have in common is a tendency to be more decorative than modern homes. From custom crown molding, to carved stair rails and built-in storage, older homes simply include more detailed touches in many cases. You can mimic this look with wood vent grilles like our Pattern E, which features a beautiful cross and circle pattern very reminiscent of both Moroccan tile and cathedral stained glass. Choose the proper size and the finish, and you’ll have a beautiful new detail to add to the authentic style of your home.

Use Magnetic Wood Vent Grilles to Preserve the Home’s Integrity

In some cases, an older home has walls and surfaces that you want to baby a little. In this case, we recommend our flush-fit magnetic wood vent grilles. These are a custom-made option that come in a variety of styles and finishes. However, instead of needing many small screws that can damage older walls, this vent grille fits into the casing with a strong magnet. That makes them very easy to clean and replace, and it also helps to prevent a lot of small holes in your wall.

Draw on Your Home’s Unique Character

If your home is a very decorative Victorian, with lots of gingerbread and carefully carved details, you’ll likely want to mirror that in your home’s accessories. It can be hard to find vent grilles that actually look like they belong in a fairy-tale Victorian home. At Pattern Cut, we offer options like the Pattern K, a very decorative wood vent grille option that is ideal for this type of home. Choose a dark or lighter wood finish, or choose a paint-able finish so you can make it match the other elements in your room.

No matter which style you choose, you’ll find it easy to coordinate with the character of your older home, thanks to Pattern Cut’s large catalogue and our focus on making custom pieces. If you don’t see exactly what you want, contact us at 714-765-8138 to discuss the best option for your older home.

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