Wood Vent Grilles Make Your Model Homes Stand Out from the Crowd

Posted by Pattern Cut on 7/25/2018 to Laser Cut Wood & Custom Vent Grilles
Wood Vent Grilles Make Your Model Homes Stand Out from the Crowd

If you have model homes that you want to offer to buyers but don’t know how to stand out from the competition, we have a great solution for you. You won’t have to invest a huge amount, and you can easily add variation to each model home. What is this solution? Wood vent grilles from Pattern Cut.

These are air grilles that replace the boring metal vent grilles that are so prevalent in homes today. Not only does the wood add an instant bit of natural charm to the room, but the carefully carved designs make space appear handcrafted and expensive. And all that without costing you an arm and a leg! Here are four unique wood grilles that can give your model homes the edge.

Geometric Wood Vent Grilles for Modern or Traditional Homes

Simple geometric patterns are often some of the easiest choices because they work well for many styles. They add a streamlined look to a modern space, and they add a structured look to a traditional space. Take a look at Pattern Ato see what we mean. In a bright, happy cherry finish, this would look great in a modern day home. In traditional oak, this would look perfect in a study.

Super Modern Styles Are Exactly When Many Young Buyers Like!

If you want to market your model home to younger buyers, try something more eclectic and unexpected. Pattern G is one of our gorgeous wood vent grilles that features a modern circular pattern. Get this in the paintable maple finish and you can even customize it further with a unique color.

Modern buyers also love when something looks old but is actually not. This is evident in their holey jeans but it crosses over into maturity when they are looking for their home and are full of wonder looking at the details of their potential new house! Plus, millennials are big on social media, so shout outs there!

Whimsical Wood Grilles Work Great for Suburban Families

If your target audience is a young suburban family, consider simple but whimsical designs like Pattern J. The honeycombs are fun but don’t draw too much attention – perfect for mixing and matching with other styles while still remaining modern. This would be fun in a child’s bedroom, a home office, or even a welcoming entryway.


Be Careful When Going Bold

One of the big reasons that model homes are sold is that they are easy for the buyer to customize. You can choose a bold wood vent grille, but be careful. Something like Pattern K may not be the best choice, because it has a definite look. Unless you are selling in a very artsy area where unique details like this are sought after, we suggest choosing a more universal design for your wood grilles.

Call Us for More Info

Our wood vent grilles are a great way to add some charm to a model home, which will help you stand out from the competition in a big way. If you don’t see the wood grilles pattern you love in our catalog, contact us to discuss custom-made designs.

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