Your Quick Guide To Laser Cut Moldings, Grilles, Panels

Posted by Pattern Cut on 7/26/2015 to Architectural & Decor
Your Quick Guide To Laser Cut Moldings, Grilles, Panels

Pattern Cut is your one-stop online shop for laser cut moldings, grilles, and panels. No matter what type of accents you are looking for your home, odds are we have got it. Please take a look at the below to learn a bit about laser cut panels, grilles, and moldings.

Laser Cut Moldings

Though they are often overlooked, the truth is that laser cut crown moldings and flexible molding can be one of the most effective architectural details you can use in your home or office. Available in a variety of materials from natural wood to man-made composites, moldings are most commonly available in modern, Victorian, traditional, arts and craft, and country styles and with profiles of the base, baseboard, crown, chair rail, and casing. You ought to consider using laser cut moldings on your ceiling, around doors and windows, like handrails and chair rails, and for floor trim.

Laser Cut Grilles

Grille covers are one of those things new homeowners do not spend much time or money thinking about. After all, homes and offices usually come with grilles in place; but if you want to add a bit of charm or decor niceness to your place, you need to look at laser cut grille covers to cover your air dampers and air filters holes.  We have many options!

Laser Cut Panels

When it comes to architectural detail, laser cut panels are very much the same as a laser cut grille. The real difference is laser cut wood or composite panels are larger than the grilles. And, when you purchase laser-cut grilles or panels from patterncut.com, you will be able to order custom cut panels and grilles that will fit your ducts and return air passages exactly. Our laser cut grilles and panels are available with cherry, oak, and maple furniture grade face veneer. We also have options for laser cut metal grilles, too!

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