Acanthus Leaf Corbel - 9" W x 30-1/2" H x 8-1/2" D

Part Number:CL1201-0930
Price: $250.00

Corbels Architectural Decoration

*All parts were photographed on a 1-inch square grid*

Corbels are often used as decorative supports or to decorate an existing support such as a column or pilaster. Common corbel designs are caryatids (female form) and atlantes (male form). Lions are often used because they represent strength courage and nobility. Other popular designs use acanthus leaf or are smooth formed without flora or fauna. Corbels are some of our finest architectaul ornamentation we offer in an array of sizes. Empire Ornament Supply encourages you to imagine a place in each room of your house a corbel would elegantly decorate.

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