Crown Molding Adds a Classic Touch to Any Room in the House

Posted by Pattern Cut on 8/8/2018 to Flex & Crown Moldings
Crown Molding Adds a Classic Touch to Any Room in the House

Have you been looking for a way to change up the style of a room in your home? While you can paint, put up wallpaper, add some new décor, and even change up the furniture, sometimes that still doesn’t really add the classic touch of style you really want. One great way to add instant class to any room is to add decorative crown molding.


Choose the Perfect Flex Crown Molding for Your Room

There are many great decorative crown molding options that can match your style. For example, do you love the very decorative look of scrolling leaf molding? Try this beautiful Acanthus Leaf Cove Crown. At Pattern Cut, we have this particular style in various sizes, so you can match a grand, open room with a wider crown molding, or a smaller, more intimate room with a more delicate size. If you prefer something more streamlined and modern, take a look at our catalog! We have many styles available.


Try Customized Decorative Crown Molding

Flex crown molding is carved to form a “cove”, or slight curve shape, against the wall and ceiling. At Pattern Cut, we can cut this molding to suit the measurements of your room precisely. This adds a beautifully arched crest to the walls of your room, and it can be customized further. The art can be enlarged to use in archways or in the corners, and more. Check out something like the Moorish Arch Cove Crown, a lovely Morocco-inspired pattern that would be gorgeous in a Spanish-style home.

Why Does Decorative Crown Molding Add Classic Style to a Room?

When you look at a room without crown molding, you may not, at first, notice anything off. However, if you were to compare it with a room that has crown molding, you may see the difference a little closer. A room without this feature can appear bare, less finished, and less grand. A room with this feature feels “finished”, secured, and balanced. That helps to add a sense of sturdy, traditional style to any room, which is a very classic décor focus.


Things to Think About When Looking at Flex Crown Molding

If you aren’t sure what pattern or size molding to get for your room, there are a few things to consider. First, make sure you like the look of the crown molding. Next, consider the proportions of your room. A big space with tall ceilings, large bulky furnishings, and heavy curtains needs a crown molding that also has presence. However, a small room could be overwhelmed by something that is very large. Finally, be sure to consider the other aesthetics of your home.

Check out Pattern Cut to find more options for flex crown molding that will be perfect to add that classic touch to your space.

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