Helpful Measuring Tips

Posted by Robert on 3/5/2014 to Tips & DIY
When it comes to getting your new vent grille or air damper louver, the process is very simple. One of the few things that you have to do is measure the space where you plan to put your new addition.
Measuring the space where you plan to put the grille or louver can seem like it would be difficult. When you want to get your measurements as accurate as possible, there are a few simple tips that you may want to use as guidelines.

The Architectural History of the Column

Posted by Robert on 2/28/2014 to Architectural & Decor
Columns have been an integral element of architecture for thousands of years, with the earliest forms used for supporting roofs of small buildings during the Bronze Age. A traditional column has three basic components, the base, the shaft and the capital. The base and capital are traditionally wider than the shaft, as it provided a stronger support for the structure. While load-bearing was their initial function, the Greeks an Romans turned the column into an art form, adding sculpted floral patterns, patterns and flourishes for decorative purposes.

Setting The Stage With The Right Cake Stand for Your Event

Posted by Michelle on 2/27/2014 to Architectural & Decor
If you're planning a wedding or an event that will look different from the standard occasion, you're likely looking at unique, non-traditional décor, music and venue. It is only natural that you'd want the cake stand for your event to be just as special. Cake stands available today are far from the boring, tired, barely-noticeable stands of the past years. Modern cake stands tend to be updated to suit the trends and styles of today and can therefore be used to effectively emphasize your event's theme.

Replacing Your Metal Grilles with Wood

Posted by Robert on 2/20/2014 to Laser Cut Wood & Custom Vent Grilles
After you've lived in a home for a while, it may need a little sprucing up. Or, perhaps you're just a little bored with the same look you've lived with for years. While you might want to completely redecorate or refurnish your home, that can be costly, and most people today are living on a tight budget, making a total interior overhaul impossible. Small changes to your home can make a major impact. Sometimes, something as simple as replacing your old, metal vent grilles with a much more aesthetically pleasing wood grille can make a huge difference on the look of a room.

The Fun of Ornamental Molding

Posted by Patterncut on 2/4/2014 to Ornaments, Corbels, Medallions & More
When it comes to ornamental molding, the sky’s the limit...well that and the size of your bank account, actually. With the choices and styles available you can go as ornate as you could possibly imagine, from replicating old world design to creating an ambience of the far east.

Creative Uses for Rosettes

Posted by Patterncut on 1/31/2014 to Ornaments, Corbels, Medallions & More
Rosettes have been used as ornamental decor in architecture and sculpture for thousands of years, and stand today as one of the most enduring design motifs ever created by mankind. A rosette is basically a stylized rose pattern, with the petals extending out from the central stem.

Measuring for Molding

Posted by Patterncut on 1/29/2014 to Flex & Crown Moldings
Molding is the decorative wood trim found in many homes. The term can refer to anything from finely scrolled and detailed trim found in period homes to the basic, plain and one dimensioinal flat boards that are prevalently seen in new construction. In addition to molding that goes around doors and windows, there is crown molding which is installed at the point where the walls meet the ceilings.

Wall Ideas to Jazz up Your Home Décor

Posted by Robert on 12/17/2013 to Architectural & Decor
Wall Ideas to Jazz up Your Home Décor
Have you ever stopped to look at what you have on your walls? You may not think of it very often, but your wall décor makes a big difference when it comes to the look and feel of your home.

Plinth Blocks

Posted by Robert on 12/16/2013 to Plinth Blocks
Plinth Blocks
Decorators and homeowners utilize plinth blocks to improve the look of a room or home. Plinth Blocks create a beautiful conversion between the door casing and baseboard trim work by preventing unsightly seams and angles. They allow smooth transition between materials while adding character and depth to the area. Continued use of this construction style has led to many beautiful buildings and gorgeous homes. These attractive styles can be used to subtly alter the mood of a room without the expense of a complete renovation.

Decorative Moldings

Posted by Robert on 12/14/2013 to Architectural & Decor
Decorative Moldings
Decorative moldings put the finishing touches on constructions projects and home renovations by providing transitional points between different materials. They are used to enhance styles and designs while creating personality and flair. Moldings can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, cement and stone. These construction components bring a room together with smooth lines and structural continuity.

Laser Cutting Wood Vent Grilles

Posted by Robert on 12/13/2013 to Laser Cut Wood & Custom Vent Grilles
Laser Cutting Wood Vent Grilles
Homes speak volumes about the people who live there. Customized wood vent grilles provide personality and style to each room. Laser cutting wood vent grilles accent the style, theme or motif that is unique to the designs found throughout the house. These pieces are made from ¼-inch Baltic birch and furniture-grade veneer of maple, cherry or oak. The laser design is then created to personalized look needed. Whether it is a custom order with larger than normal borders or small personal designs, the customized laser cutting wood vent grilles are done to near perfection.
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