Have Your Corbels Rotted Off? Replace them with New Ones from Pattern Cut

Posted by Pattern Cut on 8/15/2018 to Ornaments, Corbels, Medallions & More
Have Your Corbels Rotted Off? Replace them with New Ones from Pattern Cut

Does your home have a unique style that made you fall in love with it the first time you saw it? Many homeowners are instantly drawn to the decorative elements that they see when they first view a home – whether it’s a tile roof, a wrap-around porch, gables, or smaller elements like decorative corbels.

What Are Decorative Corbels?

A decorative corbel is a part of the house that is made to add unique visual interest to some sort of support structure. For example, you may see a small, L-shaped block of elaborately carved wood in the corner of an archway as you enter the room – this is a corbel. Many times, decorative corbels are located outside the home, just under the gutters of the roof, on pillars that support the porch, or in other areas. And here, they can come into contact with many things that cause them to rot. Pests and the elements are not kind to this beautiful part of your home.

Pattern Cut Can Help You Find Decorative Corbels for Any Style

Your home’s unique charm is all about those details that you fell in love with when you moved in. If your corbels have become damaged, or are totally rotted off, you can give your house a fresh new look. Pattern Cut’s catalog of corbels includes something for absolutely everyone.

Love the look of a fantastical home guardian watching guests as they enter? Here’s a beautiful lion corbel that can be painted to match your home.

Prefer the classic look of Greek and Roman architecture? The Acanthus leaf corbel is perfect for adding traditional style to space. Pattern Cut also has this design in a triangular shape that is perfect for dressing up porch columns or nooks.

This unique female Egyptian corbel is wonderful for adding some magical style to a home. It can be used with Victorian houses, nautical styles, traditional styles, and so many more.

These are just three of the many decorative corbels you can find in the Pattern Cut catalog. These are all cut to fit your space perfectly, and each can be purchased in a large array of pre-measured sizes as well. Any of these corbels can be used indoors or out, and you can paint them to match your space or let them remain a pristine, traditional white.

When Should You Replace Corbels?

Any time you feel as though your home’s charm is being lost due to rotting corbels, it’s a good time to look up Pattern Cut’s decorative corbels catalog. A brand new corbel will add unique character to a home for decades, and it’s an ideal way to dress up a home that you’ve always felt just needed something a little extra.



Rory Boen
Date: 8/9/2020
I have a "Thunderbird" corbel that needs to be replaced that is made of 4 ft 8x12 in Fir wood. I have traced the pattern and need a new one cut. Are you capable of working with me to create one?

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