Dress Up Your Next Model Home with Custom Air Return Vent Grilles

Posted by Pattern Cut on 9/26/2018 to Architectural & Decor
Dress Up Your Next Model Home with Custom Air Return Vent Grilles

Air return vent grilles are a stock feature in almost any home, but why not use them to improve the aesthetics of even the plainest new builds? Just take a moment to consider this scenario: A living room is fitted with two larger air returns. The ugly metal grilles were fast and easy for the crew to install, but they are not really enhancing the look of the room. Though the home has gorgeous base moldings, flooring and appealing colors, the room looks unappealing because of those ugly grilles. Swap them out with custom air vent grilles and things are instantly turned around.

Instead of slats of metal, air return vent grilles made of laser carved wood bring a decorative element into the space. Though they don't cost very much and go on in seconds, they give an artisan edge to the room and make a huge difference.

Now, that is just one simple example, but there are also custom air vent grilles with louvers behind them, plain louvers and more. By simply fitting any of these air return vent grilles with customized options, you automatically improve the look and the perceived value of the room.

Where to Use Custom Air Vent Grilles

Before you start planning out how to replace existing air return vent grilles in a current model home, don't limit yourself to the most obvious spaces. There are grilles of this kind throughout many homes. They appear in kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms and other spaces. Each room is likely to have a unique look, color scheme and décor. Consider this as you choose the custom air vent grilles.

As an example, perhaps your Cape Cod homes have a sort of Art Deco flair where interior elements are concerned: there are more distinct moldings and the colors mirror that era. The use of

air return vent grilles

with designs and styles that emulate the rest of the space will be a definite selling point. The same could be said of the home done with lots of darker wood, including paneling and moldings throughout. Choosing the right custom air vent grilles will only enhance whatever efforts have been made to create a distinct design scheme or statement.

They say that it is the little things that matter, and though you may think that such elements as grilles, switch plates, moldings and architectural accents like corbels or rosettes are insignificant, they are not. It is astonishing to watch prospective buyers react to finer woodworking and lots of architectural elements. It gives even the simplest builds the kind of integrity and character most homeowners long for, and will give your builds a measurable edge over others.

Pattern Cut

specializes in custom air filter grilles and decorative accents, offering laser cut elements for any style and design.



Diosdado Rivera Rodriquez
Date: 9/22/2023
I am impressed with this air filter grilles for decorative accents, I carve wood in to many art forms. This I will do ... starting a whole new project for me and my humans (hehe). Thank you for ever having a brain pill. dee

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