Remodeling Old Houses Often Means Maintaining the Historic Look of the Home

Posted by Pattern Cut on 9/12/2018 to Architectural & Decor
Remodeling Old Houses Often Means Maintaining the Historic Look of the Home

Are you considering custom moldings or reproduction moldings as you update a home? Did you know that almost all of the moldings we use today take their cues from historic properties and styles? In fact, it is said that a lesson on moldings is essential to anyone who wishes to design, update or build a home with timeless and historic style. Though almost all moldings date back to Classical architecture, particularly those you see on the columns and proportions in Roman and Greek styles, you probably never recognized this.

For instance, crown molding and picture moldings are both mirroring the cornice and architrave of a column, while chair rail and base molding today is taken directly from the pedestals on which many columns stood in ancient times. As you plot out your own custom moldings or reproduction moldings, you may want to consider how those originals worked in the space.

When to Get Custom Moldings or Reproduction Moldings

Of course, it can be difficult to know when to order custom moldings or choose to have reproduction moldings made. For some, it is a budgetary issue and many think that custom or reproduction options are outside of the budget. This is not the case and there are many firms that specialize in making historically-based designs and which can do so at a cost well within most budgets.

Of course, it could be that a part of a room has needed refurbishment or restoration, and that might leave designers or owners worried about the ability to find reproductions of the moldings already available. They may be tempted to pull down all of the original work and replace it with another, modern option. This too is not necessary because there are firms that specialize in reproducing and custom-making moldings and other architectural elements.

Whether you are looking to restore an interior column or pilaster with specific moldings or to restore a room with chair rail and picture rail moldings, it is entirely possible to have small amounts made for the job.

Moldings are such a key component of many architectural styles and whether you are discussing a Classically designed room, a Colonial-era space, a mid-century modern room or any other style, it is likely that moldings come into the equation. If you hope to maintain the integrity and overall aesthetic appeal, it is best to work with molding experts like the team at Pattern Cut. Specializing in custom laser cut moldings, they can help you to refresh or restore any sort of style.

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