Baroque Interior Design: 6 Important Elements

Posted by Pattern Cut on 4/13/2015 to Architectural & Decor
Baroque Interior Design: 6 Important Elements

Thinking of having your home or hotel designed or redecorated the Baroque way? Indeed it's an interesting way to showcase a lavish lifestyle, impress guests, and wake up daily to luxuriously beautiful surroundings. This extravagant style goes a long way back but continues to be utilized for many upscale homes and establishments.

Here are the 6 important elements you need to keep in mind when browsing for furniture, lighting, and decors you'd like to include in your Baroque interiors:

1.Rich, Bold, and Shiny Colors

Because the Baroque has a dramatic flair, the colors of your interiors should be rich and bold. They ought to shimmer like gold! And this is why many go for gold-trimmed furniture and fixtures while also combining dark red, royal blue, and/or deep green.

2.Intricate Carvings and Ornaments

Elaborate ornamentation is key to the Baroque design. This means you have to pick out cabinets, doors, and embellishments with intricate carvings. Oftentimes, these carvings depict plant-related themes such as vines and flowers. In this aspect, Pattern Cut Inc. can certainly do wonders for your home or hotel through our offerings of grand, striking, and finely crafted grilles, moldings, medallions, rosettes, and more.

3.Opulent and Colossal Furniture

When choosing furniture, it's best to go for opulent ones that are of considerable sizes. Such furniture will go well with your Baroque interiors. Hence, you must have a massive space available. Modern, sleek, and space-saving sofas, dressers, and dining tables will look out of place.

4.Luxurious Floral and Damask Fabrics

Another important element you have to take into consideration is the fabric of materials within the space. Fabrics for upholsteries, curtains, table runners, carpets, and even bed sheets must be of high quality and should look luxurious. Usually, floral and damask prints are used for the Baroque style.

5.Expensive and Plush Flooring

Indeed flooring is also very important. It must go together with the ritzy look and feel of the rest of your interiors. You can opt for solid wood or marble, which are both regarded as posh and impressive.

6.Crystal and Glass Accents

Think huge mirrors, glass accents, and crystal chandeliers. These are all wonderful accessories that are sure to help bring out the beauty of your Baroque interiors and make people feel as if they've been transported centuries ago to a lavish palace.

With these elements in place, you'll surely be able to come up with a highly attractive, impressive, and sophisticated space characteristic of the beautiful Baroque design.

Don't forget to go over our collection of patterns and other accents perfect for your interiors. Enjoy!



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