Ceiling Medallions for the New Home

Posted by Pattern Cut on 4/30/2015 to Architectural & Decor
Ceiling Medallions for the New Home

Ceiling medallions are moldings that are installed in the center of a ceiling, typically around a light fixture or ceiling fan. In today’s economy everyone is looking for creative ways to design living spaces using items in a way they ordinarily wouldn’t; such as ceiling medallions. This trend, as well as the traditional uses of them has seemingly exploded in the interior design of new homes over the last few years.

Ceiling Medallions are a very versatile product. Using them as a table base with a baluster shaft makes for an adorable side table. Painting these with bright vibrant colors can bring a dull room alive with a pop of color coming from an unexpected place.  Medallions may be circular, oval, or square, and are available in lots of sizes and in all kinds of patterns, from Baroque to contemporary.

In addition to choosing a style, you’ll need to make sure the medallion is the right size for your space. One rule for estimating your medallion’s diameter is to divide your room’s area by seven. A 15-by-15 room is 225 square feet, so you’d need a medallion about 32 inches in diameter. This assumes a nine-foot ceiling, so if your ceiling is lower, scale down a bit.

Choose a medallion that’s either wider or narrower than the light fixture’s overall diameter—not the same width. And make sure the hole in the center of the medallion is the right size for your fixture’s canopy.

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