When Updating Historical Homes, Don't Lose The Soul

Posted by Pattern Cut on 7/2/2019 to Architectural & Decor
When Updating Historical Homes, Don't Lose The Soul

Many old places have a soul. When you walk into some of these older places you find that there is something to them that makes them feel more alive than anything else that has been made recently. Maybe it has to do with the amount of life that it has absorbed over the years or perhaps it's just nostalgia for another time and place. In either case it is hard to ignore, which is why when you are restoring places that have held so much life inside of them that you do not take that life from them. These places and spaces have earned their life, so when you're upgrading, be sure to keep this in mind:

Keep The Craftsmanship

Original craftsmanship is important but there are times when it's not feasible or safe to keep the original. If a banister is rotten then it makes sense to ditch it, but if you are going to replace a prized piece of workmanship, don't go to Home Depot and grab something. Always keep the craftsmanship in an older place. If you just slam something in people will notice as it will stick out in comparison to the rest of the décor. Order designs that are made in a classic style to respect the home's first specs.

Don't Paint Over

It's one thing to update a room but if you own an older home with some custom work in it you shouldn't just paint over it. It is personal taste, but in many ways when you purchase a historical home you are taking over the preservation of the history that has lived in this place. There are many ways to update a room without destroying its history because you're not living in a museum after all either. Sanding down paint and adding a complimenting finish adds class and style to what can be garish remodels.

Keep It Natural

A room can be anything you want it to be, but there are times when you feel as if it isn't being what it was intended to be either. This is due to the room's location in the home and the style that it is projecting. If you use materials and pieces that are of the period or invoke the period in which the home was built, you will keep the place feeling comfortable.

Add Curb Appeal

Use Plaques to Mark Historical Structures

Many historical houses and old buildings have their built year with some history of the home and original occupants. Historical dedication plaques are perfect to post this outside your newly remodeled classic Victorian or English manor. Another way to improve curb appeal is to add custom address plaques to exterior walls and spacious lawns. There are so many styles and color choices to compliment the outdoor color scheme or to contrast and make it pop! Learn more about improving curb appeal with plaques.

Curb Appeal Applies to Driveways, Too!

Often overlooked are the driveways and walkways of a home remodel. Many times redoing a driveway requires permits and trips to the building department to make sure it's up to code. However, once you make the decision on how you're going to redo driveways and walkways, make sure you apply a great concrete or masonry sealer. In order to choose the best sealer for the job, you're going to need to research the different types of sealers. Learn about how to choose the best penetrating sealers to keep concrete surfaces looking new and beautiful for years to come!

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