Tips to Improve Decor without Renovations

Posted by Pattern Cut on 9/9/2014 to Tips & DIY
Tips to Improve Decor without Renovations

When you look around your house you'll find that while it is a nice space, it can lack something overtime or maybe you're not satisfied with the decor anymore. You'll find things to update, change, and fix but you'll feel as if you are not good enough to take on such a challenge. You would be wrong! Many in-home projects are easily achieved, all you have to do is go for it! Here are some easy in-home updates you can do in order to help your house feel a little fresher than it was before.


You'll find that while it is easy to pick a color and get it home, it's the application of the paint that is the hard part. Many people think they can just throw some paint against the wall and that's all they have to do, but there is more to it. In some cases, you'll have to prime the wall, but some paint has the primer mixed right in, and do multiple coats until the paint is lush. Remember to always line the baseboard, windows, and doorknobs with painters tape to stop any mistakes before they happen.
Another popular home improvement idea is to add an accent wall to a room. This wall is painted a different (complimenting) color than the other 3 walls. With great shelving, you can add different knickknacks, pictures, and more that make a bold statement.

Refinish the Garage

 We all know that garages can be an eyesore and a place to park our cars and store bikes, tools, and more. All of that can take a toll on the garage floor with stains and more. Or maybe you just moved into a new house and are planning to use the garage as a place to hang out. No matter the purpose of your garage, if you're looking to transform that part of your home without major renovations, you can refinish the floor with excellent tinted concrete sealer. Make the garage look brand new again with just a little effort.

Switch Out The Lighting

Lighting is important inside of a house because half of our day is spent in darkness and in some places on the earth it can last longer. The light in a room can affect the mood you and your guests can have in it. Some light can suck away the life from those who visit and even put you in a bad mood. Simply replace the light bulbs and you'll find the room will feel different and to go a step further you should replace the lamps as well.

Lamps, ceiling lights, and even the lampshades can be replaced to set a whole new ambiance to a room.


Update Your Pillows

Pillows in a living room can really give a home a different feel. These are considered by many to be a detail but the details matter in a room. If you replace these pillows you will find that your room will feel different and can be enjoyed for longer. 

Pillows add a pop of color and can be used for impromptu naps if your living room is used that way.

Get Rid of Those Old Rusty Radiators

Radiators are made to keep you warm during the winter and cold weather. However, if they are old they can be an eyesore. Not to mention that children (and adults) can get burned. Thank goodness we live in modern times. Eastgate Radiators makes beautiful modern radiators and heated bathroom towel rails in a variety of styles and finishes for small apartments, large homes, and more. The best part is they are environmentally friendly and made from repurposed metal that would otherwise end up in landfills. 

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