Everyone Obsesses About Outside First Impressions, But What About The Inside?

Posted by Pattern Cut on 2/28/2018 to Tips & DIY

If you’ve ever obsessed over the curb appeal of a home you wanted to sell, then you know all about how important first impressions are. Buyers take one look at the outside of a home and instantly start making judgments that can make or break a sale. But the inside of the house matters just as much in the long run, so don’t put all your energy towards the landscaping! Luckily, it doesn’t take much to add a few thoughtful details to the inside of a home. Our custom vent grilles are a great way to make a home seem crafted by an expert, rather than just built to hold furniture. Wondering what we mean?

Elegant Wood Return Air Grilles Add Unexpected Charm

One thing that all potential buyers or guests look for when they want to be impressed is the quality of the materials used in a home. Our custom wood vent grilles come in oak, maple, or rich cherry, all of which can add a touch of elegance. Natural wood materials give any space a feeling of being handcrafted. Add in one of our carefully laser-cut designs, and you have an elegant detail that gives the space a more finished look. Even a totally empty room will feel dressed up when it’s wearing a few accessories. You can go as detailed or as subtle with the design as you prefer – take a look at Pattern T for a great example of how a simple geometric design can still go a long way towards impressing!

Custom Designed Vent Grilles Amp Up the Character

As you scroll through our catalog of wood vent grilles, are you missing the one design that you know would be the perfect finishing touch for the character of your home? We can create a custom design. Choose the design, choose the size, and choose the finish, for the exact piece you want for your space. You can also choose a paintable finish so that you can change the color at will. These vent grilles come with many options so that the impression you want to make is the impression you get.

Add Architectural Interest That is Designed to Impress

One thing that our vent grilles create is a sense of architectural grandeur. By paying attention to the tiny details of things that most people think of as part of the wall, you make it so that every choice the builder made seems intentional. Suddenly the home feels as though it jumped right out of an interior decorating magazine, and that gives the whole thing a more stylized feel. There’s never been an easier or more affordable way to add instant style to a room. While you’re boosting your curb appeal outside, don’t forget about these little details indoors!

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