Who Thought a Simple Wood Grille Could Deliver This Much Character?

Posted by Pattern Cut on 3/16/2018

Have you ever wondered what it is that gives homes the elusive quality that buyers refer to as “character”? There’s just something about a house that draws them in and makes them feel right at home. They can picture themselves living there, and the home lends itself well to that image. In truth, the answer to what gives a home character is probably more obvious than you think. Like many other things in the world of construction, the answer is in the details.

The little details that make a room special are what give it this character that so many buyers are looking for. And one of the easiest ways that you can add these details is to focus on the things that are usually overlooked.

Wood Return Air Grilles Deliver in Buyers’ Eyes

One of the details that is often overlooked in a room is the vent grille. This utilitarian accessory in a room is usually just there to serve a purpose. But when you take something that is typically ignored, and turn it into a luxurious detail with custom design and quality materials, you make the buyer believe that the room has had careful attention paid to every little nook and cranny. This is the perfect way to deliver character to a room, with a fix that will take you just a few minutes to perform. That’s a huge return on your tiny investment.

Keep the Wood Grille Simple to Suit Many Styles

While we do offer very ornate wood return air grilles, one of the best ways to attract as many buyers as possible is to focus on quality material and custom looks, and keep the overall design simple. It will still offer tons of great character for the room, without being so styled that you risk alienating certain buyers. Some great examples of our wood grilles that work for simple, yet luxurious detail, include Pattern L, Pattern I, and Pattern J. Any of these would provide subtle detail to a space that is perfect for helping buyers imagine exactly the style they want in the room.

Focus on the Material When the Design is Simple

Our wood return air grilles come in multiple finishes so that you can truly focus on creating a very high-end look without going over the top. Choose a beautiful cherry or oak, or choose a paintable finish so that you can add a unique pop of color or create a subtle detail. However you choose to incorporate a custom design into your space is sure to pay off with plenty of unique character. Don’t see the design you want for your space? Contact us to learn how we can help you design something totally new.

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