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Posted by Robert on 3/5/2014 to Tips & DIY
When it comes to getting your new vent grille or air damper louver, the process is very simple. One of the few things that you have to do is measure the space where you plan to put your new addition.
Measuring the space where you plan to put the grille or louver can seem like it would be difficult. When you want to get your measurements as accurate as possible, there are a few simple tips that you may want to use as guidelines.
The first thing that you would need to do is remove the grille or louver that is already in the wall. It is possible to measure it while it is still in, but it may not be as accurate. The best way is to have an empty hole in the wall so you can get the true measurements. After all, you are measuring the space, not the current grille/louver.
Having the right measuring tool is extremely important to getting the numbers correct. If you simply use a regular ruler, and the space is longer than that ruler, the measurements may not be precise; you risk the possibility of giving or taking a few inches. Using a sturdy measuring tape will help you get the best measurements possible.
You should always make sure that you measure each side of the grille or louver space. Make sure that you measure both horizontally and vertically, so that your dimensions are everything that they need to be! You do not want to measure one way, and then have to take the grille out again to measure the side you missed. This will save you time and stress!
The most important thing is that you double-check your measurements. Everyone makes mistakes, so checking the measurements more than one time will ensure that when your new, pattern cut grille or louver comes, it will be the perfect size.
Measuring the space is the first step to getting the perfect pattern cut grille or louver. Once you have your measurements, the rest of the process seems like it takes care of itself!

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