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Posted by Patterncut on 4/2/2014

What is the best part about the newest piece to your home? The design of course! The appearance is the main reason behind most of the décor that you put in your home.


The beautiful designs that you see from Pattern Cut are cut by a laser and loved by many. The variety of patterns that have been cut will blow your mind!


One very attractive pattern that has been used is a train. While you may think that this object sounds simple, think about the detail of the train’s structure, wheels, and even the tracks. The pattern was cut with great precision and detail. There is no blank space and it will grab the attention of anyone who walks by.


Can you think of one of America’s favorite cartoon characters? Mickey Mouse is a character that has stolen hearts of people all over the world for decades. A pattern has been cut of the television star’s face, and people adore it! Everything from his mouth, to his ears, to his eyes is crisp and sharp, for the perfect home presentation.


Are you a huge sports fan with a favorite hometown team? If you are, then you will love the patterns that have been cut with the logos of different professional and collegiate teams. These patterns will be perfectly reproduced, and will be a unique way to show the support of your favorite team!


Imagine a pattern with your business logo on it! What better way to introduce or reinforce the name of your business! An example of a pattern that has been cut is the UFC Gym logo. All of the edges and letters will look like perfection, and people will definitely take notice!


The pattern is what people want to see. There have been many patterns put in people’s homes and businesses that have attracted the eyes of all the guests that come in contact with it.

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