How Vent Grilles Can Help Builders Gain a Reputation For Superb Attention To Detail

Posted by Pattern Cut on 2/9/2018 to Laser Cut Wood & Custom Vent Grilles

As a builder, your reputation is everything. The construction industry relies on glowing referrals from former clients to keep a business running – and that means you have to wow every single client you work for. One of the best ways to do that is to develop a reputation as someone who can really pinpoint the little details and make a building more than just four walls and a roof. By gaining a reputation for superb attention to detail, you’ll convince your clients that you have more than just technical skill, but a true eye for the character of a place. Our decorative wood vent grilles are one easy way to begin building this reputation.

Wood Vent Grilles Add Artistry in Addition to Functionality

Our beautifully crafted patterns are laser cut for very exact lines, which allows us to create detailed, complex designs for nearly any type of style. This means that suddenly, an accessory in the house that is often overlooked as just functional, has an artistic flair that adds character and unexpected charm to the space. By adding this bit of artistry to something that is normally ignored, you convince your clients that you have a fantastic eye for the details. Vent grilles with circular and curved patterns, for example, really capture attention compared to the standard rectangular metal grilles you often see.

Accentuate Any Style with Wood Vent Grilles

Another way to build a reputation as having a great attention to detail is to really dig into the style of a home. Is the building inspired by Victorian charm? Add vent grilles with a bit of dainty whimsy to set off the look, such as the Pattern R vent grilles by Pattern Cut. Is the home more inspired by sleek, contemporary, and modern styles? Add a unique twist to a utilitarian accessory with the Pattern J design, which features modern hexagonal windows. No matter what style the building may be, you can play it up and present yourself as an expert in architectural styles and eras thanks to your attention to the fine details.

Go Custom for Your Clients

Can’t find exactly what your client loves in our catalog? We can also create custom designs that please any tastes. Choose a wood finish that looks luxurious and rich, or choose a paintable finish to give the vent grille its own pop of color. Or match the grille to the wall color and watch the subtle way the style lends itself to a neutral décor scheme. There are many ways that paying attention to these little details can really give a space a feeling of being finished.

As a builder, you know that the impression a client gets from a space is more important than anything. Make sure it’s an impression of carefully chosen details. You can achieve that with Pattern Cut laser-cut wood vent grilles.

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