Best Custom Wood Grille Patterns for Modern Homes

Posted by Pattern Cut on 1/26/2018 to Laser Cut Wood & Custom Vent Grilles

To define a modern home, both sellers and buyers might use vastly different terms. One person may think modern means an urban loft in a city, while another simply thinks the term means updated appliances and modern amenities. But it’s interesting that nearly all buyers can identify “outdated” without the same sort of discrepancies. Certain design features, like ornate scrollwork, floral carved wood, shag carpeting, and even specific colors, put everyone in mind of bygone eras and decades.

So, while your definition of modern may differ from your buyer’s, you can still easily use custom design features like wood return air grilles to create a very up-to-date look – Pattern Cut offers a full catalogue for you to choose from! Here are a few of our custom wood grille options that can give a unique modern look to your property.

Abstract Art Makes a Wood Grille a Luxury Addition

One thing that you’ll frequently seen in modern homes, especially in luxury homes, is the presence of beautiful art. Your taste in art doesn’t have to be the same as your buyer’s, but choosing interesting wood return air grilles with artistic features, like this one, can give a space a unique character that is hard to resist. Lovers of modern architecture and abstract art will adore the geometric design, and the minimal detailing keeps things clean and streamlined – another important feature in a modern home.

Use a Popular Pattern to Make the Wood Grille Stand Out

Many decades are defined by certain shapes and patterns – the 50s, for example, brought polka dots to life. In recent decades, the hexagon, or bee-hive shape, has become the go-to pattern for cheerful and modern designs. Let this wood grille turn a bland house into a young, hip space that will attract a wide range of buyers looking for unique and modern character. Just this simple touch in an otherwise standard home can help a buyer envision how the rest of their modern and eclectic décor might look in a space.

Have Your Own Vision for Modern Wood Return Air Grilles?

If modern in your area means something entirely different, why not let us custom design what you’re looking for? Maybe you want to mix more sophisticated wood grille designs with something a little airier for a high-rise loft, or maybe you’re looking for the perfect mix of other styles entirely. Another thing to consider is the finish on your wood grilles. We offer classic maple, beautiful oak, and a stunning cherry finish – all of which can have a different effect in your space. In some homes, a bright cherry wood grille may be just the unexpected detail you need to sell a modern homebuyer.

Check out our catalogue today or have us custom make exactly what you need.

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