Incredible Vent Grilles That Make Home Buyers Say Wow!

Posted by Pattern Cut on 1/5/2018

Ask any potential homebuyer what draws them to a property, and they are likely to list off generic things such as “the building’s character” or “a good feeling.” But as a builder, you have to know what it is that makes “character” or “good feelings” when a buyer walks through a property. You can’t rely on chance to protect your hard work and investments. One way to really make your home buyers say wow – even if they don’t realize the reason themselves – is to pay attention to the little details. One of the best ways to add an air of distinction that’s unmistakable is by changing up an item that you might not have considered - the home’s vent grilles.

Rich Wood Vent Grilles Are Tiny Details That Add Up

Creating that “good feeling” of character that buyers are looking for is all about those tiny details that most people would never notice. Wood vent grilles are one great example of how you can put some custom luxury into a home without making a buyer feel as though they couldn’t move right in. The subtle addition of a custom vent grille makes a home unique – but not clinical. Here are some great options from our catalogue that can transform a home depending on your target homebuyer.

Hip Young Professionals? Go for Mod Vent Grilles

If your home market is the young professional crowd, choosing something with a mid-century mod look can be just the right touch to give a space a funky, eclectic vibe. Simple patterns like this one in a classic wood finish make a space feel more finished and mature – perfect for the crowd that is transitioning from roommates, dorms, and basements. They want an adult living space that they can still see themselves having fun in, and adding quirky details like these vent grilles is a simple way to give them that vision.

Traditional Suburban Families? Choose Feminine Vent Grilles

Want to wow the traditional suburban family? Every seller knows that the best way to get that “wow” you’re looking for is to impress with luxury. Suburban families want livability, but they also want to feel as though they aren’t settling for something boring and bland. Beautiful wood vent grilles like this one offer feminine grace without being too overpowering for the man of the house.

Custom Wood Vent Grilles for Other Spaces

Our catalogue features dozens of designs that can all be used to target a specific audience. Get the “wow” you want from potential buyers by putting yourself in their shoes. What do they want from their home, and which custom vent grille might add that final touch that lets them envision themselves in the space? From there, you can easily find the right size – or have us custom-make the grille to exactly fit the space. If you want to impress more buyers than ever before, add Pattern Cut custom wood vent grilles. There are designs for every space!

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