We Offer Vent Grille Patterns You Didn't Even Know You'd Love!

Posted by Pattern Cut on 3/30/2018 to Laser Cut Wood & Custom Vent Grilles

Have you ever fallen in love with a detail that you never thought would be your style? This is something that happens to many homeowners when they are upgrading the little details in their homes. Maybe you’ve always loved the simple things, and never realized ornate wallpaper could please your eye; or maybe you’ve always been a fan of Victorian houses, and suddenly realize that you love the simplicity of IKEA. Whatever the case may be, finding out new things about your style is always fun.

At Pattern Cut, one of the things we love is watching homeowners realize that our catalogue of wood return air grilles has more than enough options to introduce them to something they never knew they loved. Here are a few examples of how we can help you discover a new style for your home.

Choose an Ornate and Bold Vent Grille to Make Your Space Stand Out

Does your room need to stand out? Want to add some traditional, beautiful craftsmanship to your space? Ornate details on your vent grille, such as carefully cut floral designs, or Victorian-inspired loops and swirls, are perfect for making a space feel more formal and decorative. This is ideal for an office or dining room, where you can afford to stand out a bit without overwhelming your other décor.

Fresh and Modern Wood Return Air Grilles Make Any Space Fun

Do you want to give your space a bit of a fresh new look that mimics modern design and adds some whimsy? Our wood return air grilles feature unique geometric patterns like hexagons and irregular circles that put us in mind of abstract art. These are perfect for adding a unique, crafted touch to an urban loft or any other space where you want to keep it modern while still adding some luxurious detailing.

Sleek and Subtle Vent Grilles Are Perfect for Classic Elegance

Our catalogue also offers subtle vent grilles that are ideal for rooms where you want a very serene feeling. We have designs that even look exactly like the traditional metal vent grilles, but when crafted out of beautiful, natural wood, take on a whole new level of style. Choose the finish you want, from cherry or oak, to a paintable maple. These are great for homes you plan to sell or rent, since they can be dressed up or down with many other styles.

Go Custom with Your Own Look!

Don’t see the style you want for your room? Our custom laser cut process is capable of working with many unique designs. You can contact us to create a custom vent grille that is all yours. Shake up your style with something fresh and exciting that is easy to change if you decide to move on later.

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