Who Knew? The Difference Laser Cut Wood Grilles Can Make in Your Guest Room

Posted by Pattern Cut on 4/9/2018 to Laser Cut Wood & Custom Vent Grilles

Have you ever wanted to make a great impression on an overnight guest? You probably deep cleaned your house and put a lot of thought into the little touches you added to your guest room. But there is something you can do before all of that which can truly amp up the luxury in any guest space. The small details that go overlooked can make all the difference. Here’s how our wood return air grilles can add instant class and luxury to your guest room.

Give Your Guest Room a Retro Vibe with Laser Cut Wood Grilles

If retro styling is your favorite aesthetic, you can create a guest room that shows off your love of unique design in a way that looks completely natural. Start with the foundation of the room, like the crown molding and the vent grilles, and you can create a space that is ideal for entertaining in a fun way. Try our wood return air grilles, like Pattern B, to help create a retro room that is still sleek and stylish.

Turn Your Guest Room into a Fantasy Getaway

If you want your guest room to be a magical space where your guests feel luxuriously pampered, try adding beautifully detailed elements. In our collection of laser cut wood grilles, Pattern K would be ideal for type of space. The whimsical design and close attention to detail make this air grille appear custom-made by a master craftsman – but you won’t pay master craftsman prices.

After You Choose the Style, Choose the Right Finish for Your Guest Space

Browse our catalogue of wood return air grilles to choose the right style for your space, and then choose the right finish. If you want to create a beautifully natural room that refreshes the spirit with simple, quality materials, we offer three types of wood finishes. Choose a maple, oak, or cherry finish for your room. If you’d like to create a painted grille that matches the walls, or adds a unique pop of color to your space, we also have a paint grade finish.

Have a Custom Design for Your Guests

If you don’t see what you want from our catalogue, you can also have a custom design made for your guest room. All our laser cut wood grilles are made custom for the correct size and shape of your vents; but we can also create custom designs that work for your style. Your guests will love the attention to detail that they could never get in a hotel, and you will love being the host with the spare room that friends and family fight for! Let us help you create a true experience for guests with custom details in your space.

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