Add Old Style Charm to Any Room in the House by Installing Flex Crown Molding from Pattern Cut

Posted by Pattern Cut on 7/4/2018 to Flex & Crown Moldings
Add Old Style Charm to Any Room in the House by Installing Flex Crown Molding from Pattern Cut

Have you ever wondered what it is that makes a home have charm? For some people, there’s an indefinable feeling when they walk into a room that just makes them feel as though they’ve discovered a magical space straight out of a fairy tale.

But what is that thing that gives the room that feeling? You may be surprised to learn that charm is often found in the trimming. Flex crown molding from Pattern Cut is one way to add beautiful charm to any room in the house.

Here are some great examples of how to add old-style charm to your house with the many designs of crown molding we offer.

How Crown Molding Adds Charm

When you look at the flex crown molding in our catalog, you will see that our Scroll Repeat Cove Crown features a beautiful repeating pattern of scrolling geometry that is very similar to older, decorative styles of home décor. This detail is one way that crown molding from Pattern Cut can add unique, old-style charm to a home. This type of crown molding is cut to fit your space, and can be used as borders on the ceiling, as well as on special architectural details.

Choose the Style Specific to Your Love of Architecture

Maybe there’s a particular type of architecture that you find exceptionally charming, and want to emulate in your home or building. For example, the Acanthus Leaf Cove Crown is inspired by traditional Greco-Roman buildings and is perfect for a lover of ancient architecture. Featuring large swooping details that mimic waves, with a bold pattern overall, this will absolutely set the tone for any room.

Perhaps you prefer a more modern looking detail that is still very noticeable. If you adore the simplicity and geometry of anything from Art Deco to Mod Fashion, you might love the simple Dental Crown

This is a fantastic way to add some traditional structure to space without overpowering it with anything too heavy or ornate.

Flex Crown Molding Is Easy to Customize

The catalog of flex crown molding on Pattern Cut’s website is shown on a one-inch square grid. However, you can easily have the style enlarged so that it can be used for wall panels or other larger details. These crown molding pieces are eight feet long and are an affordable way to instantly update the look of any room. If you have a space that you love, but you feel it’s missing that final bit of personality, then try crown molding. It adds a touch of charm that can be easily updated in the future and is a perfect finishing touch for the style you want.

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